There's a constant debate that occurs - do you need to be passionate about technology to work in technology? Can you move forward and be successful if you aren't passionate?

The questions about passion that occur on a day-to-day basis throughout the tech community are certainly controversial. In this blog post, you're going to learn some key takeaways about technology being a passion vs just a job.

Have a Life

Obsessing over anything isn't exactly healthy. You can love what you do, but you don't have to sit in front of a computer your entire life. There is still plenty of passion that can be had without losing everything else in your life.

Ensure you still go out, have friends, go on dates, have beers, or whatever else you do to have a life. The thing about passion is it can consume you. Because you love it so much, it's almost the only thing you want to do. It's like any other hobby. You wish you could do it all of the time, but you know you can't.


The word study is one we often put in the same category as when our teachers told us to study or our parents said we have to study. Because of that, it's not really looked at as something that's fun (Who wanted to study for all of those math tests anyways?).

However, I don't think the study means what it meant when you were in high school. When you're in the technology space, studying means learning something new to enhance your career or yourself. For example, let's say you're learning a new programming language. If you're dedicating any time to it during the day, that means you're studying.

Studying can also very-much be a hobby. If you're learning new tech because you think it's fun, that's a form of studying.

The point is, don't think about studying as something negative. Think of it as another thing you're using to enhance your passion.


When you're working with technology, do you get excited? Do you feel happy? A key component to passion is being happy about what you're doing. This can certainly vary based on where you work and how the culture is, but overall, if you're excited about what you're doing, that's certainly a good sign.

Excitement is our way of knowing, as humans, if we like anything. Excitement typically comes in one form. That warm feeling and head rush of endorphins. It's certainly a beautiful feeling.